Dispatch from Mighty Joe Castro and the Gravamen

What’s The Best Thing You’ve Binged recently? A big sack of these gourmet dark chocolate covered malt balls. Other than that, I’ve just slowly been trying to watch as many flicks on the Criterion Collection channel as I can.

Which Philadelphia Restaurant Should We Get Takeout From? Loco Pez in Fishtown. Get the Seitan burrito. Practically lived off of those while recording at Miner Street (Shout out!). Super good.

Which Philly bands should we be listening to? Coleman Rogg & the Ridge Runners

Three Chord Money
Madalean Gauze
Zilla Rocca
Curly Castro
The Pogos!

Which non Philly bands should we be listening to? Definitely check out:
Teen Cobra – (they’ll be your new favorite band for sure), Sean K. Preston and the Loaded Pistols, Screamin’ Rebel Angels, The Hillbilly Moon Explosion and of course, Wu-Tang!

When This Is Over Who Do You Want To Play A Show With? Tom Waits.

First public place you want to go to after quarantine? I don’t know – I’m a bit of a recluse by nature so I’ve secretly been enjoying this. I’ll probably stay in my art studio a few extra weeks until someone gets worried and finally drags me out.

First activity you will do after quarantine? Go the skate park first thing in the morning and cruise around with some friends. Grab a late breakfast at the diner, then hit up my favorite record store, MaTones in the afternoon. Dinner with my family, then play a show in the evening with the band Gotta say that’s a good day, Ice Cube.

Have you embraced cocktail hour? What’s your favorite cocktail? I feel like cocktail hour is more a state of mind, like a way of being, rather than something you casually embrace. But as for beverages, I’m not picky – whichever comes in the coolest Tiki mug. Maybe a Singapore Sling or a Whiskey Sour. As long as I’m with good company, I’m happy.

Where should we be donating our dollars to help out our fellow Philadelphians?
is a great place to start

What’s your favorite jawn? The breath just before boredom. That’s where the creative magic happens.

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